Cella Cinema

Creative output of Chris Cella

Chris Cella is an American freelance photographer and video producer currently living in Phuket, Thailand. After graduating with a BS in Film from Fullsail University, Chris embarked on a diverse career. Starting in Nashville, Chris directed and produced music videos which played to international audiences. After two years of working with Red Light Management and its artists, Chris moved to Los Angeles and started working on the production of network television. Over this time his credits included shows such as Master Chef, Top Chef, and other primetime shows. 

While in Los Angeles, Chris started working with GLP Films as a Camera Operator and Sound Mixer, traveling internationally and producing documentary films for National Geographic, Outside Television, and other outlets. While working on five continents, he started to also produce commercial content for major brands including Timberland, Patagonia, The North Face, Manfrottoand others. When not traveling, Chris photographed celebrities in Los Angeles like John Legend, Charlie Day, and Mena Suvari. 

Now living in Thailand, Chris has begun to focus on furthering his career as a documentary filmmaker and photographer and has even opened his own studio for commercial and private work. 

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