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Crocodiles of costa rica

Up Close and Personal

In Costa Rica there is a bridge over the Tarcoles river filled with American crocodiles. The river runs through Carara National Park and empties into the Gulf of Nicoya. Tourists traveling over the bridge often park nearby and walk the narrow sidewalk to get a look at crocodiles who grow to over eighteen feet long. During the day, the crocodiles sun themselves and conserve energy for nighttime hunts.

My photography heroes have always been people like Andy Mann or Paul Nicklen. National Geographic photographers and conservationists who go to great lengths to photograph animals up close. It’s not about the thrill and defiance of common sense, it’s about showing animals from a perspective very few have experienced. These brave photographers hope to create a connection between the viewer and the animals, so that their protection becomes a priority in our own lives. You may look into the eyes of these crocodiles and see no emotion and find it hard to relate, but it’s this biodiversity and breadth of experience that makes our world interesting and so worth protecting.

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