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King of pops

Make Your Party Pop

King of Pops tasked Dagger with creating a video-based campaign to highlight the catering arm of their business. Using a comedic approach, the creative team set out to make a broadcast worthy spot to live on the King of Pops home page. Three distinctly zany scenes were concocted to speak to King of Pops' message that King of Pops catering is for every event, no matter how strange it may be. 

King of Pops

“Make Your Party Pop”

Director’s Treatment


King of Pops is the perfect party companion, and we’re here to prove it. 

Whether you’re a high class aristocrat or a mullet clad karate aficionado, King of Pops has the pop for you. Through a lighthearted video campaign, we will reaffirm consumers who already enjoy King of Pops and give a little nudge to people who are on the fence about ordering up for their next shindig. 

There is no gathering too niche, no celebration too large. King of Pops catering is right for every occasion. 

The Objective:

They say the way to someone’s heart is through their stomach. So we're serving up delicious treats and belly laughs. It's a combination feared by the surgeon general, but we're here to push the envelope.

Our approach will be to create quirky characters that everyone can relate to. Have you ever met an office worker who is a little too crazy about her pets? How about a wealthy person who is hopelessly out of touch? Through three vignettes, we will see how King of Pops makes parties and quite possibly the world a better place through frozen, tasty goodness.

Guiding us through each vignette will be our King of Pops representative and narrator. While he confidently pushes a branded King of Pops cart through each colorful scene, he will deliver entertaining and informative commentary directly to the audience. While the audience is aware of his presence, the other characters will be so involved in their own actions that they will not see or hear him. 


We will bring this spot to life in ridiculous 8k resolution for a super sharp and cinematic look. Typical of comedy, the lighting will not be overly dramatic, but not totally flat either. We will shoot on a Red Weapon 8k S35 with Canon glass and use a mixture of Quasar Science tubes, gelled fresnels and practical lights to create a dynamic yet cohesive look. Each scene will stand out from one another. This effect will be achieved through strategically designed color palettes. 


King of Pops Host- Main Character. Charming male with good comedic delivery. 25-30 years old.

Barbara Bonsai- Sort of a Barb from Stranger Things vibe. Kinda nerdy and socially awkward. 25-33 years old.

High Class Diners (4)- Two male and two female diners. Well groomed and dressed “upper class people”. 30-38 year olds. 

Skeeter- 35-45 year old male with a redneck vibe. Mullets are a plus. Think Danny McBride. 

Karate Kids (2)- One boy and one girl. 10-12 years old. 


KOP Storyboards.jpg

Director: Chris Cella

Producer: Lauren Byers

Creative Director: Amanda Cochran

Copywriter: Amy Anderson

Business Leader: Hillary Painter

Director of Photography: Michael Rosenberg

Line Producer: Leo Falkenstein

Sound Mixer: Dale Harper

Grip: Mitchell Hardage

DIT: Adrian Schwarz

Hair and Makeup: Kelly Hays

Production Assistant: Arielle Antonio

Host: Fray Forde

Barbara Bonsai: Kelly Hays

Socialites: Hillary Painter, Tirzah White, Adam Greenwald, Hart Morse

Skeeter: Jake Ryan

Karate Kids: Makayla and Jackson Taylor




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